End Table Lamps for Bedroom

Best End Table Lamps for Bedroom and Living Room

Home until not complete when everything is available on your choice. Although in this post we describe on 10 best end table lamps for bedroom and living room with complete guidance each and every products available in this post.

Lamps is most important item for i thing every home because its help with reading, writing, eating, watching and specially when you need getup in midnight for going washroom or want to eat something or for a secure the home then lamps play very vital role because its so much easy to just press the button without getup light in your room

This is the most important benefits of lamps. Normally some peoples sleeping with lamps light its called habits of those people or as a need for doing this process but lamps make your life easy and save your many times. Lamps perfect for kids because while studying it most important factor and make easiest for kids.

There are several variety of different design lamps for perfect your end and side tables. We have found best collection of lamps for home, office and anywhere can easily used. Just stay with us and find which is suitable for living and bedrooms.

10 Best End Table Lamps for Bedroom:

1: Limelights Brushed Steel Lamp with Charging Outlet
2: Signature Design by Ashley  Darlita Table Lamp Traditional Bronze
3: ZEEFO Bedside Table Lamp Cylinder Fabric Shade Black Base
4: Set of Two 27″ Table Lamps, Bronze Finish, Beige Shades
5: Oneach Set of 2 End Table Lamps for Bedroom Resin Brown
6: Signature Design by Ashley Mariana Poly Table Lamps
7: Signature Design by Ashley Mildred Metal Table Lamp Vintage Casual Shades
8: JONATHAN Y JYL1031A Gaston 20.5″ Resin Mini LED Table Lamp
9: Elegant Designs LC1000-HBZ 3 Piece Hammered Bronze Lamp Set
10: SOTTAE Modern Ceramic Small White Irregular Geometric Bedside Table Lamp

1: Limelights Brushed Steel Lamp with Charging Outlet:

Elegant imported contemporary design eye catching brushed steel gray color with included charging system of tablets, mobile, handheld games and others hand used electronics items. This fabulous lamps source of light with bulb to easily change anytime when you need. Perfect for any place like, offices, hotels, kids room, bedroom, living room and good for reading. Made with pure steel base for gives long lasting time.

  • Easy to on/off
  • Mobile phones and others small electronic items charging outlet in base
  • Lowest weight easy to move anywhere
  • One year warranty
  • Very affordable price
  • Any kind of bulb used
  • Available in the lots of beautiful multiple colors
  • Charging outlets work when light switched off

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2: Signature Design by Ashley  Darlita Table Lamp Traditional Bronze:

Two beautiful bronze finish traditional style consist on pedestal base design lamps for multiple purposes used. Its perfect for any room and any place like reading, bed side and living room. Perfect choice for everyone, base made with metal to provide more reliable. Extra beautiful look its also perfect for offices and hotels because its look vintage traditional style. 25 to 150 watt bulb used and easy to remove or put in.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Get two in affordable price
  • Easy to clean with dry soft cloth
  • Due to standard socket easily used any types of bulb
  • Do not purchase single its come with two pair

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3: ZEEFO Bedside Table Lamp Cylinder Fabric Shade Black Base:

Living room table side lamps design with modern style for restaurants, offices, home and colleges. Two led bulb to provide perfect light and gives elegant environment. Made with cylinder fabric shade and sturdy black base.

Powerful standard quality cord, socket and plug fitted in it. This light of this lamps is soft light warm no harmful for eye because cylinder fabric shade to control the hardness of light and to provide soft light. Lamps light on/off switch fitted in the power cord for easy to used push button.

  • Perfect used for camping
  • Perfect as a used of gifts
  • Its perfect for parties
  • Light weight easy to adjust anywhere
  • Standard and sturdy quality
  • Great for as a used of decoration
  • Available in the very affordable price included with two led bulb
  • Its cannot used for hanging
  • Its is not used on floor

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4: Set of Two 27″ Table Lamps, Bronze Finish, Beige Shades:

Consist on high quality 6 foot cord to easily used on longer distance sockets. Reliable on/off switch button easy to used. Beautiful design perfect match for any places and any decor. This lamp provide amazing looking on the side table and for purposes of reading used. Excellent design with attractive color looks. Medium base for easy adjust on small table and perfect for office desk.

  • Get two modern lamps in affordable price
  • High rating products
  • Long wire whether socket is far away
  • Cord can easily set in enter the lamp for save
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • No warranty

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5: Oneach Set of 2 End Table Lamps for Bedroom Resin Brown:

Elegant brown color in traditional modern shape with powerful led bulb, toggle made switch style and constructed fabric shade material. Perfect power source with corded electric for easy to used. High demanded products for anywhere used.

Its used for as a desk, nightstand, bed side and for living room. Two year warranty with friendly customer support. 60 watt bulb you can easily used in and its recommended but its not compulsory only used 60 watt you can increase it like 100 or 120 watt.

  • Perfect for small table
  • Provide romantic bright light
  • 2 year of warranty
  • perfect for all rooms
  • No bulbs included with lamps

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6: Signature Design by Ashley Mariana Poly Table Lamps:

Scrolling vine accents design two vintage, antique style lamps provide traditional look for your home and office. Bulb watt use 25 to 150 yet maximum. Its very easy to move anywhere because its made with light weight. Provide soft light good for writing and reading. Its perfect choice for customer because because this design is so impressive.

  • Easy to used on low voltage like 100, 110, 120
  • Great push button style
  • High Rating Product
  • Great customer satisfaction
  • Also use max watts bulb on 25 to 150 watts CFL
  • Do not use wet cloth for cleaning

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7: Signature Design by Ashley Mildred Metal Table Lamp Vintage Casual Shades:

Consist on open base style two metal lamps for any place used. Shade made with hardback fabric with oil rubbed finish. Beautiful slick finish on lamp base to provide extra elegant look. This lamps make your office, home, living room and bedroom more attractive and looking like decorative. 25 to 150 watts max CFL bulb used. Best choice for customer easy to use and its affordable for everyone.

  • Perfect height for writing and reading
  • Light weight and not overpowering
  • High density quality made
  • Perfect price
  • Easy to clean with dry soft cloth
  • You can used regular bulb 40 to 60 watts
  • Not perfect for outside
  • This lamps are not cordless

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8: JONATHAN Y JYL1031A Gaston 20.5″ Resin Mini LED Table Lamp:

Traditional cottage design black/brown color beautiful lamps easily match your living room furniture, bedroom and for offices. Perfect soften white LED light for reading and writing. This lamp provide great antique look for anywhere used. Great thing is included LED bulbs with 90% less energy. Its perfect on your budget and on your home/office. Great quality bulbs are used in to provide long lasting strength.

  • Costumers 100% satisfaction
  • High quality cotton hardback round shade used in it
  • High rated product
  • Very affordable price
  • None

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9: Elegant Designs LC1000-HBZ 3 Piece Hammered Bronze Lamp Set:

Three traditional style amazing look elegant lamps for floor,side table and end table used. Affordable perfect price easy to used and easy to move anywhere. Medium perfect base and great stability provide on any floor and table. These three lamps also used on only floor. Hammered bronze finish to provide more attractive looks.

  • One year of warranty
  • Get three lamps set in affordable price
  • Perfect choice for customers
  • Perfect for gifts
  • Only indoor used
  • Bulbs are not included

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10: SOTTAE Modern Ceramic Small White Irregular Geometric Bedside Table Lamp:

Ceramic material in yellow color with irregular shaped and in modern style two eye catching beautiful lamps for your living room, bedroom and offices. Very easy to assemble within some minutes and perfect energy saving and environmental friendly lamps. Soften lighting no harm glare for eyes. Base of bulb is E26 you can easily used medium base CFL and LED bulbs. High quality fabric shade with pure white look. On/off switch constructed on the cord for easy to used.

  • Energy saving
  • High density quality
  • Perfect for office desk
  • High rated product
  • Soft gentle light
  • Do not buy one lamp

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On the internet lots of article about home and kitchen daily published but not a every article provide complete guide and informative, may be this 10 best end table lamps for bedroom and any room post people like that and might its informative. If any question or queries about this post then feel free contact us we will try touch in shortly and thanks for reading.


1: Why lamps are most important for home?

Its perfect for reading and writing without disturbing others family members available in the room. Its make your room perfect decorative and completed. Its change you mood and provide romantic light. Its perfect for sleeping because at night suddenly you getup for going to washroom and for get get medicine then is more helpful for many reasons.

2: Can lamps light change your mood?

According to the research its proven that soft colorful light change your mood keep your mind in relaxing condition and amazing stress relieving. Multiple colorful lighting provide unbelievable happiness make your sleeping experience better and save from hyper tension.

3: Which color light is best for mood?


Blue light is perfect for changing the mood and keep your body in relaxing mode and also help to maintain your blood pressure.


Yellow color is just like a soft sunlight color its increase your energy and confidence level make your mind powerful and make better thought ability and its best for studying reading/writing.


White color is mark of happiness, peaceful, love and make your body in fresh condition. White color provide you successful life and help to increase your health. White color is mark of true love.


Researcher said green color is the best choice for reducing anxiety level, control heart beat, relief headache, control blood pressure and providing great relaxing mood.


Purple color great providing royalty, nobility, luxury, power, ambition and romantic. Purple color represents of dramatic, creativity, mystery, wealth, independence, magic and wisdom. Purple color also used for relaxing the body and changing your mood.


Orange color is best for health and gives great boost of your energy level keep your mind in exciting mode and grow your confidence level. Purple color best for gym and exercise room because its grow your stamina.


Red color link from many reasons like change your mood, make you romantic and its perfect mark or love. But red color is not good for high blood pressure patients because its raise blood pressure, heart beat level.

4: Where should lamps be placed in living room?

Lamps install in the living room perfect place on tables, shelves and corner because lamps looking mostly beautiful placed only side or corner. Floor lamps should must be placed on corner or Centre of the wall.

5: How many lamps should have in bedroom?

According to the rule and looking more beautiful mostly two lamps are used in the bedroom on the two side table and its enough perfect. If your bedroom space large then you can also use three to four lamps but its not looking decorative room because bedroom must looking simple and decent no more adding over material of decoration.

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